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2012 Dreier klein

 Expire, formed on 8th November 2008 as „Endless Pain“, is a Death Metal Band from Troisdorf, Germany. After starting with Thrash Metal songs they developed their style until June 2009 when they wrote Death Metal songs. They stuck with the concept of ultra-fast and complex riffs and passages combined with melodic parts and groovy, old-school headbang-parts. It is a key point to keep the music rich in variety.
In January 2010 Expire recorded their first demo „Collapse“ which was released in June 2010.

Their second demo „Mortal Agony“ was released on November 14th, 2011. It features dynamic songs with acoustic guitars, complex yet groovy parts and also, of course, high-tempo passages.

Learn more about Expire on www.facebook.com/expiremusic; www.myspace.com/expireofficial; www.youtube.com/expiremusic

For contacting Expire use: info@expiremusic.de; merchandise@expiremusic.de; booking@expiremusic.de

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