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Expire live – September 19th

Hey everyone,

just a quick update: On September 19th, we’ll be participating in the Breaking the Silence contest in Troisdorf (Bauhaus). You should be quite familiar with the location by now 😉

Since this is a CONTEST, we definitely NEED YOUR VOTE, so be there!!




Busy week ahead

Hey guys,

just a quick update on what’s going on in Expire World this week…

First of all, we decided on the final tracklist of our new record. We’ll have 9 songs, with 3 of them being basically brandnew – songs, you’ve never really heard before. 

On thursday, we will also have a photoshooting scheduled. It’s been a while since we made the last ones, so we’re looking forward to it. Check out or Facebook and our Twitter for some behind the scenes stuff on thursday evening.

Also, and probably most importantly, we’re trying ti finish ALL the recording this week. We know that we took our time, but we really want that record to be perfect – and that is why we are working so hard. We don’t want to simply lay down some tracks, but we really want it to sound awesome. So when all the stuff is finished, watch out!

Cheers and have a good one!


Doing lots of work…

Hey guys,

so right now, we’re working on all ends. We’re deep into recording bass and vocals, and so far, it has been really AWESOME. Leo has laid down some stuff that you certainly have NOT HEARD in this combination of styles. Really excited about that and, in fact, tomorrow, work will continue.

We’re also changing some stuff around here, keep checking in to see how things are playing out…

And we’ve also redesigned our YouTube channel – we’ve added some playlists and we’ve added a new video. It shows some parts of two new songs, which will be featured on our latest record!

How do you like them? Tell us!



Be there!!

Drum Recording – Day 2

So today was the second day, but it was the first one on which we could start early. So in 1,5 days, we managed to get 3,5 songs done! It was hard work but it paid off – the stuff sounds really awesome. Visit us on Facebook, we have some pictures there.

So far, we are done with:

  • Rotten Earth (you all know that one)
  • The Forlorn One (new song)
  • Trapped (new song)
  • half of Checkmate (also a new song)

What’s that? You want to hear the new ones? Well then come see us on April 5th in St. Augustin! We will be playing some new stuff there!

So long…


…starts today!!


We are getting some help by CSM Audio Engineering…so we can kick maximum ass!

For a preview of some of the solos that Yannik will be playing, check out this video:

AND DON’T FORGET that we’re playing live in St. Augustin on April 5th, together with Soma and Successful Fear! Admission is free!!! Facebook-Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/284275765030306/?ref=22

Recordings, merchandise,…

Hey people,

just a quick update about some stuff.

Right now we are doing some intense preparation for the recording session that will take place in a few weeks. We rehearse all the songs, do some tweaks, improve all little details and so on. We still haven’t decided about song number 10, as it’s not quiet finished yet. Maybe we’ll leave it off, maybe we’ll put it on.

We also want to remind you about all the merchandise, CDs and stuff that we already have. Our shirts are not available anymore, but we’ll produce some new ones when the new CD is coming out. Anyway, check out our merchandise page.

Be also sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!


EP scrapped – album planned!

Hey people,

yes, we still do exist! Just to give you guys a quick update of what’s going on.

Unfortunately the release of our third EP „Rotten Earth“ did not really happen until now and since we have a few new songs written already, we decided to record all the music early next year and release an entire album for you! This time we will have about nine to ten songs, including four or five new ones.

In order to support us engineering- and sound-wise, CSM Audio Engineering will also be there, so be prepared for some serious audio-attack!

We’re very excited about this and can’t wait for it to happen, so stay tuned, we’ll keep you up to date!

Keep it heavy
Yannik – Expire


Coming soon…


Expire live @ Klangstation

Toys2Masters second round! BE THERE!!!